Best Etiquette For Working With a Recruiter

Best Etiquette For Working With a Recruiter

Whether you are actively seeking job opportunities, or just want to be open to new and exciting career opportunities, working with a good recruitment agency can be an excellent advantage. Job recruiters like those found at Optimum Staffing have direct access to market information, hiring opportunities, insights, tips and connections that the average job seeker won’t have. Our entire business is built around maintaining healthy relationships with employers from a variety of industries, and our expertise is connecting qualified candidates with the best chances for meaningful employment.

For those who have no experience working with recruiters and are thinking about contacting a staffing agency, there are a few tips we can offer for how to work with a recruiter. Always keep in mind these 6 tips on best etiquette for working with a recruiter:

1. Respect their time and effort

Time is the most valuable asset that we all have, and it is best etiquette to respect that your recruiter’s time is just as valuable as yours.

Whether it is showing up on time for an interview or responding promptly to communications from the staffing agency or potential employers, make sure you are respecting the time and effort when you have updates or questions. Remember, a good recruiter will coach you on their clients' process and be an advocate for you, so your time is well spent developing that relationship.

2. Be prepared and proactive

You don’t want to depend entirely on your recruiter to do everything for you. Another tip on best etiquette when working with a recruitment agency is to do your best to be prepared before you even speak with a recruiter.

For starters, draft your resume as best you can. Of course, a good recruiter knows how to polish your resume to help highlight what makes you the best candidate. However, it never hurts to have a solid foundation. They will help train you on the interview process, but make sure to practice on your own. The more prepared you are, the easier it is for a staffing agency to find you a proper placement.

And it doesn’t stop once you’ve met with a recruiter. Being proactive is just as important as being prepared. This is especially true if you’re unemployed or need a new job immediately.

3. Be honest and open about your needs

Always remember that no one in this situation will benefit from dishonestly. It might seem like minimizing your expectations could give you an advantage, but it really only makes the process of finding you the best employment more difficult.

Be honest and open about what kind of employment you’re looking for. When creating your resume with a recruitment agency, let them know about your schedule, salary needs, and if you are working with other recruiters.

This is especially important for skilled workers looking for a position in a specialized field. The more they know about your qualifications and expectations, the easier it is for a recruiter to connect you with a job that meets all your needs.

4. Consider new opportunities

Not every opportunity is right for every candidate, but sometimes it is ok to consider a position that might not be exactly what you had in mind.

Of course, a good recruiter knows how to find the perfect position for the perfect client. However, once in a while a recruiter might share opportunities you hadn’t initially considered for yourself. For example, you might be expecting to get placed with a larger corporate organization, but instead they bring you an awesome opportunity with a smaller start-up that fits your skill set.

If you want a tip for working with a recruiter, trust their ability to connect you with new opportunities.

5. Make it easy to stay in contact

This one should seem like a no-brainer- communication is key! If your recruiter calls you, best etiquette is that you do your best to be available, or you call them back. This is just a good habit in general, and it is really the only way for an employment agency to be effective.

If a job recruiter contacts you, that probably isn’t to waste your time. Remember, their time is just as valuable as yours. When they reach out it can mean an update on a project, a possible job opportunity, or even a position that needs to be filled immediately.

When you decide to work with a recruiter, make it easy to stay in contact, and let them know the easiest ways to communicate by phone, email, or video chat.

6. Make decisions with confidence

Remember, your honesty is key. Working with a recruitment agency is about connecting the best candidates with the best possible employers. So, you can be confident when deciding whether an opportunity is right for you or not.

Be ready to accept or decline offers and be confident in your choice. Waiting too long to make a decision is an easy way to ruin a perfectly good opening. If you make an employer wait, they may quickly fill the position. Additionally, new candidates may join the application process and you can miss out on an offer.

When you work with professional and experienced recruiters like the team at Optimum Staffing, you can always be confident that we value your time and your experience. We are ready to work with you through every step of the process to find you meaningful opportunities for building a career. Let us show you how best etiquette can make working with a recruiter even more effective.

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