10 Ways a Recruiter Can Improve Your Job Search

10 Ways a Recruiter Can Improve Your Job Search

Recruiters Improving Your Job Search Experience

Sometimes it may seem difficult to ask for help with your job search, and you might not be sure how working with an employment agency could make a difference. There are some pros and cons to using a recruiter to find a job, but if you don’t have experience using staffing resources to find work, let us give you 10 ways a recruiter can improve your job search.

1. Saving you time

Time is your most important resource. It is the only thing you can never buy more of, and we value your time just as much as you do. So why would you want to waste hours searching job boards and sending applications to random businesses? When you work with an experienced recruiter, they put in the time for you.


Optimum Staffing recruiters commit their entire workday to find qualified candidates for their clients, so you can give time to the other areas of your life, like school or family, while we support your job search. Not only that, but we also optimize the time because we already know what jobs are out there, and how to connect them to you!

2. Guiding you through

A recruiter’s job isn’t just to find the best job opportunities for you, but also to provide the best candidates for their clients. That means making sure you are prepared for each step of the job placement process. A good recruiter guides you all the way from applying for a position to accepting an offer.

3. Enhance your resume

One of the ways recruiters will guide you is by helping you enhance your resume to better impact your potential employers. Optimum recruiters review dozens of resumes every day, so they know what works and what doesn’t. Experienced recruiters know what hiring managers are looking for in a resume, and they can give you the pointers that help highlight your skill set and stand out against the competition!

4. You won’t get lost in the shuffle

While it may seem easy to apply to a job directly, when you apply through a company website or online job board, there is a real risk that the resume you’ve worked so hard on will get lost in the shuffle, especially when there are so many other applicants all fighting for the same position. With a recruiter, your resume gets sent directly to the hiring manager, and it comes from a source the company already trusts to provide quality candidates.

5. You’re better prepared for interviews

For some people, the interview process can be the most difficult part of finding a new job. One advantage of having a good recruiter is that they can offer insight into each potential employer’s interview process, including:

  • Information about the people who will be interviewing you
  • What kind of questions might be asked
  • Details on the overall organization
  • How to best present yourself to the client

Sometimes, this information can be the advantage you need to make a good impression.

6. Expands your network

Today, there are so many ways we work to stay connected, but even with all the social media sites and online job boards, there are only so many meaningful professional connections you can manage on your own. Compared to that, an experienced recruiter's long list of connections is the easiest way to expand your network. After all, a good staffing agency works specifically to make effective relationships with skilled workers and employers.

7. Brings additional opportunities

You might already know that not all job opportunities are easy to find. A lot of companies only post available jobs on their websites, so you wouldn’t find it on a job board. Others strictly rely on third-party sourcing agencies to find candidates. So, if you’re not using a recruiter, you are probably missing out on opportunities. Job recruiters and staffing agencies can give you access to jobs that are confidentially advertised or give you a head start on positions companies haven’t even posted online.

8. Highlights skill-driven employment

One of the pros of using a recruiter to find a job is a focus on skill-driven employment. In other words, if you have a specific skillset, recruiters can better connect you with organizations in the appropriate industry. Certain employers require a unique set of skills for specific positions, and sometimes it is difficult for them to obtain applications from qualified candidates to fill all open positions. If you fall into an industry that requires specialized skills, a job recruitment agency can help find employment that matches your qualifications.

9. They keep you on file

Whether you accept a position right away, or don’t get an offer immediately, a staffing agency will keep you on file. Your professional profile, resume, and other information remain in the recruiter's database. When another position becomes available that would meet your needs and qualifications, the recruiter can easily submit your portfolio for consideration. Experienced staffing agencies like Optimum Staffing employ innovative software that tracks specific information from your resume and matches it to relevant job opportunities. We don’t stop working for you until you’ve found meaningful employment.

10. It’s our mission to find you the right position

At the end of the day, a job recruiter is such a useful resource because finding you the best opportunities for meaningful employment is our mission! This is someone who’s entire job revolves around finding the right candidate for the right job. After all, that is why companies work with recruiters in the first place.


Our entire model for success at Optimum Staffing is based on helping employers hire qualified and skilled professionals. For our recruiters, the goal is for you to accept a position you can feel confident in, and for clients to be happy with effective candidates.



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